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Genre/Lang. : Dance (2012) (Feat. Akon Raquel & P. Money)

keep on calling...
keep on calling...

I used to be up on the corner all day,
tryin to figure out whats gonna get me out there,
dope dealing and hugging the block,
i done found out aint gonna get me nowhere,
used to keep a nine milli for protection,
just in case a ni**a wanna take my bread,
then the voice came down from the sky and said...
Akon use your head..

I had to re-evaluate my thoughts and think about
what God made us for,(made us for)
Had to keep a strong faith and believing,
know one day I'd be a star (A star)
But I knew that it wouldn't come easy(Come easy)
seen a whole lotta hate and believe me (believe me)
despite all the bullshit we had to still work hard,
to get to where we are

So when you hear them calling out "Akon", let them keep on calling
when you hear the world calling out "P-money", let them keep on calling
Cause we went through hell and back to get here, so keep on calling
let me hear you now, let me hear you now, let me hear you just keep on calling

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