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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2011)

[Sample played throughout song]
Do you hear them talking, They keep on talking

[Chorus: Female Singer w/ La the Darkman ad-libs]
All the things you say about me, It don't mean a thing
I'm gone live my life my way so don't be mad at me
I'll do what I gotta do if you know what I mean
I'ma keep on doin me and that's how it's gone be

[La the Darkman]
Ni**as run they mouth like they lips got legs
Then the same ni**as wind up dead
Get found in a ditch with a hole in they head
All over some sh*t that they said
F**kin wit a thorough bread I don't play that homey
Lunch meat a** ni**as, Yall all bologna
So phony, Talkin bout how I got wealth
What you really need to do is worry bout yourself
I hate a motherF**ker that try to watch me
Don't watch me hoe, Watch T.V
Cause people get confused by what they see
Better learn your alphabet, ni**a I'm a G
Real from A to Z, Never copped a plea
I been hood rich since I copped my first key
I go through mountains of snow like I ski
I'll front you some work, For a small fee lil ni**a

[:: CHORUS ::]

[La the Darkman]
I heard ni**as sayin La wouldn't be rich
And back in the day he aint beat me for them bricks
All I tell ni**as, Stay off my dick
My new G5 Benz make em sick
Boy I work for this, Roger Clemons with the pitch
Half these ni**as hate'n cause I F**ked they bi**h
I'm a six figure baller, Eighty-four inch crawler
Kush smoker, Light joker, Bad b***h poker
Make it rain at Strocker's or Sue Rendezvous
You had it like me they'd talk about you too
NY to ATL my coke gone sell
Fishscale got competitors mad as hell
Oh well, ni**a I'ma keep doin me
Black V, Rollin on LeBronze number twenty-three
Diamond jewelry, dude I'm gnarly
They really gone be mad when I cop the Ferrari


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