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Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop (2012)

I never took jack sh*t from anybody, give or take
And broken bones that's the only time I caught a break
I see through frenemies thinking they opaque
Plus im never bland, well seasoned like a peppered steak
They call me fam call me cousin like they can relate
I'm like braces to these liars me I set em straight
I elevate to demonstrate what they can't replicate
Haters they don't even get sh*t when I defecate
Beep beep, yo all aboard in here
419 time to sniff out the frauds in here
I'm the south east beatknox extraordinaire
Did the ground-work just to fill the floor in here
When I drop a cd that's the new supper
Crew stunner, it no matter who come-a
Two-tonner, virgin to the game F**ked it up when I came
Crown me the best new comer

I turn my music tryna drown out the farce
And toast the good life with a half filled glass
Ni**ers'll sell their souls in search of the high class
Plus not knowing how to act that's why we rarely get cast
Lest they disregard us, we make it regardless
Learn how to make light work, of living in darkness
But you know, you know all that weak sh*t ceases
Every time I drop some new faeces
My mind state, reminds irate
Im over-eating now way too much on my plate
Watch as they violate, all that we reach for
Cause what you die seeking, that's what you lived for
Tryna find the real so forever im searching
I'm married to this life but me and death are still flirting
Plus nothing's ever promised but know one thing's for certain
I'll be playing my role till they lower that curtain, till the fat lady sings
I'm either reading out hymns
Or chasing pipe dreams and some shiny chrome rims
Living the fast life commodity driven tendencies
In the end all that we take with us are memories
So at the gates I come dressed for the occasion
Call up the chariots to meet me at the station
I tell you no lies, and read you no fables
Tryna turn my demons into angels

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