1. "Mama's Kitchen" Hicks    New 
  2. "I Found God" Ed Roman    New 
  3. "Kiss You" Sasha Lopez & Ale Blake
  4. "Élan" Nightwish    New 
  5. "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson    New 
  6. "Nowhere With You" Sarabeth    New 
  7. "Go Out" Blur    New 
  8. "The Dark" Stone Sour    New 
  9. "Sensitivity" Moonbeam    New 
  10. "Bag It Up" 1st Street Fah & 280 Rocco    New 
  11. "Shots" Imagine Dragons    New 
  12. "You Sure Love To Ball" L.J. Reynolds    New 
  13. "13th World" Moonbeam    New 
  14. "Slow Heart" Moonbeam    New 
  15. "Orange Slice" Cassette Coast    New 
  16. "Acid Lights" A*s*y*s    New 
  17. "Soulstring" Moonbeam    New 
  18. "Airwave (21st Century Mix)" Rank 1    New 
  19. "Hero Of Hope" Moonbeam    New 
  20. "We Are In Words" Moonbeam    New