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Top Official Music Videos

  1.  "Alcohol Abuse"
    Marshall Dane
  2.  "Walk On Me"
    Jiggley Jones
  3.  "I Told You So"
    Ed Roman
  4.  "Wizard"
    Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway
  5.  "I Got U"
    Duke Dumont
  6.  "Hey, What Do I Know"
    Stevie Lee Woods
  7.  "Nobody"    New 
    Rick Ross
  8.  "Looking Ass"
    Nicki Minaj
  9.  "Tuck Me In"    New 
    Sammy Hakim
  10.  "Bad Boy"
    Carissa Leigh
  11.  "I Heard I Had"
    Dear Rouge
  12.  "I Won"    New 
  13.  "Tear It Down"
    Aston Shuffle
  14.  "Yoyo"
    Little Nikki
  15.  "Ghost"    New 
    Ella Henderson
  16.  "I'm Ready"
  17.  "You Are My Sexy Girl"    New 
    Peter Pou
  18.  "Without U"
  19.  "We, The Broken"    New 
  20.  "Workin'"    New 
    Big Smo
  21.  "Raveology"
    Dvbbs & Vinai
  22.  "Only Fools Get Caught"
    Booze And Glory
  23.  "Lie"
    Tracy Lawrence
  24.  "We'll Get By (The Autism Song)"
    Johnny Orr Band
  25.  "Touch"    New 
    Shift K3y
  26.  "Nicotine"    New 
    Panic At The Disco
  27.  "Heart Of Glass"    New 
    Gisele & Bob Sinclar
  28.  "Show Da World"
    Lil Boosie & Webbie
  29.  "Say Hello To The Undertaker"
    Winds Of Plague
  30.  "If Only"    New 
    Show N Prove
  31.  "Queen Of Hearts"    New 
  32.  "I Wanna Feel"    New 
  33.  "Sleep In The Shadows"    New 
    For The Likes Of You
  34.  "Can't You See"    New 
    Shermanology & Grx
  35.  "Living For Tomorrow"
    We Found Out
  36.  "Me And Mary Jane"
    Black Stone Cherry
  37.  "Do It"    New 
  38.  "Open Road"
  39.  "Earth Meets Water"    New 
    Dash Berlin & Rigby
  40.  "O.G. Bobby Johnson"
  41.  "Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For B..."    New 
  42.  "We Are Together"    New 
    Planet Of Sound
  43.  "Bassline"    New 
  44.  "You Sound Good To Me"
    Lucy Hale
  45.  "John Doe"
  46.  "Last Chance"
    Kaskade & Project 46
  47.  "You Can Leave"
    Lexi Larsen
  48.  "Dr Who"    New 
    Tujamo & Plastik Funk
  49.  "Runaway Daydreamer"    New 
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  50.  "Define Redemption"
    Reality Grey

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