1. "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson    New 
  2. "Born To Get Wild" Steve Aoki    New 
  3. "Look At You" Big And Rich
  4. "Ready" Jay Burna    New 
  5. "Mama's Kitchen" Hicks    New 
  6. "My Desire" Interpol    New 
  7. "Xvtv" Fifteen Litre    New 
  8. "Face Everything And Rise" Papa Roach    New 
  9. "It's My Life" Chawki    New 
  10. "Loop De Li" Bryan Ferry    New 
  11. "Samo©" Bobby Shells    New 
  12. "Gangsta Zone" Ice Cold    New 
  13. "Beautiful To Me" Olly Murs    New 
  14. "There Goes My Heart" Lisa Stansfield    New 
  15. "Keep Believing" Jon Conover    New 
  16. "New York City" Lenny Kravitz    New 
  17. "Phantom Limb" Alice In Chains    New 
  18. "Let's Fall In Love Again" Judes    New 
  19. "Taste It" Little Boots    New 
  20. "Outside" Calvin Harris    New